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What Are The Prewriting Measures in Research Paper Writing 


Undoubtedly, a student can't pursue its academic career without learning the art of composing comprehensive writing pieces. As the domain of academic writing is vast, the students of any academic degree program cannot pursue their academic careers without learning the academic writing rules. 


Sometimes, students complain that they do not score the desired grades despite applying all the academic writing rules accordingly so they should get paper writing service. It happens when the students ignore the importance of prewriting measures related to research paper writing. In this article, we will highlight the significance and role of prewriting measures before the students. It will help the students in creating a lengthy, remarkable, and engaging text of an research paper. 


It often happens to a student at the initial stage of research paper writing that it fails to achieve top grades in academic writing in the beginning. Ultimately, such a student starts contemplating academic writing as a challenging task and thinks about how I should write my research paper in such a way as to get the desired grades. If you are also thinking in the same way, you must give high importance to prewriting measures.


  • What are the prewriting measures?

A newbie student mostly makes a common mistake of putting pen to paper straightforwardly whenever a teacher assigns him an research paper writing task. Consequently, a student gets stuck in the middle that how can i write my paper. It happens due to the following reasons that are as follows.

  1. Insufficient knowledge of the topic
  2. Lack of interest in academic writing
  3. Inadequate writing skills

As our article is about highlighting the importance of prewriting measures, that is why we will talk about only the first point among the three that are mentioned above.

Students must understand that compiling a deep-dyed writing piece is not a piece of cake. Instead, an research paper writer has to fight tooth and nail to illustrate a specific topic. Let's highlight the factors that are part of prewriting measures bit by bit.



Using the active and passive voice in research writing | Editage Insights



  • Choosing the topic

There is a famous saying that "the first step is everything." The same proverb applies here. In academic writing, choosing the topic according to your interest is the foremost step in composing a handy writing piece. If a teacher assigns you a particular topic, you have no choice other than creating an absolute understanding about it and then putting pen to paper. 

In contrast, if you get a chance to write a lengthy research paper on the topic of your choice, you must select such a topic that appeals to you the most. Otherwise, it may become a tedious and challenging task for you to create a lengthy writing piece. 


  • Brainstorming

It is another prewriting measure that plays a major role in creating an engaging and top-notch writing piece. Its primary watchword is to assist an research paper writer in thinking in the right direction as required by the topic. Usually, students ignore this step in academic writing and start writing an research paper straight away. Doing so is not a good practice as the students get stuck while compiling a deep-dyed writing piece. Brainstorming helps the students in developing a complete understanding of the topic. 


  • Targeting the audience

It is one of the most important steps of prewriting measures. You should also check college essay examples. It makes a big difference in making the content presentable, engaging, and up to the mark. It demands the author to collect data about the audience that includes their age, gender, profession, educational qualification, and, most importantly, their area of interest—presenting the research paper before the right audience is essential. 


Students have to understand that the prewriting measures have their great unique importance in research paper writing. Students must not consider following the prewriting a tedious task as it makes their writing much more comfortable by providing an absolute guideline. 

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