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Multiple Book Review Essay

A book review evaluates and analyzes the content of published work. This work can be a recent publication or an older one. Book reviews often make their way into blogs, newspaper magazines, social media, etc. The people writing the book reviews can be anyone from esteem literary critics to school or college students. 

Students are often required to write book review essays as it allows them to learn engaging critically in the work at hand. Many people, however, find the task daunting and end up asking a free essay writer to help them write their book review essay.

What is SQR3?

It is a strategy and a tool that is used to approach a text whether a book or an article with prescribed goals. Allowing the readers to sift out the useful information and its context, while also helping them to place the information in a body of information.

The SQ3R stands for Survey, Question, Read, Recall, and Review.

Applying the SQ3R technique

This technique is applied in steps, sequentially beginning from servery and ending with the review process. This technique can be applied to research papers and articles, as well as academic books and other sources used in collecting the information for the essay writing service.

Getting the structure right

Like all essays, the narrative essay will have a definite structure. This will start with the introduction that presents the setting, characters, and the main central problem, transitioning into the body paragraphs that will narrate the whole story, and finally, end at the resolution of the story that can be considered its conclusion.

  • Setting:

The setting of the story will answer the questions of where and when first and foremost so that the readers can orient themselves with the place and time in question. 

  • Theme:

You should also introduce the main topic or what the narration will be about, clearly showing the ideas that the writing will deal with. This will also reveal to the reader what type of pace and mood they should expect, such as that of suspense, horror, optimism, etc. 

To define a good structure of the write my essay you would also need:

  • The central problem as the thesis: 

The main thesis will tell the readers what is the central problem that the character/s will deal with, within the essay.

You can use stories, examples, and scenarios to help them invest in the argument emotionally, always keeping in mind what you expect the readers to take from the argument.

The easiest way to evoke emotions is by providing them with evidence and examples that portray the extremes of the situation. Following which you can provide your ideas as a way to avoid such outcomes.


The logos hold your argument together; without good logic and reasoning provided to online essay writer, you won’t be able to persuade the audience— no matter how good you have developed the Ethos and Logos.

Good logic reasoning will follow the following steps:

  • Providing a brief background to the area under consideration, providing context to the readers.
  • Presenting strong evidence and examples taken from a scholarly and reputable source.
  • Examining and analyzing the evidence and how it helps support your claim/point. 
  • Tackling any counters to the arguments that might come to the reader’s mind, such that the argument becomes foolproof. 


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