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What Kind of Words Should You Avoid on Your Resume


Make sure to avoid the use of commonly used and basic words and phrases on your resume - advice from 1resumewritingservice Company. Take the help of the thesaurus to choose more action-driven and inventive words.


One of the most common mistakes made during resume writing is the use of static or obsolete words that can do more damage than any good. Avoid the use of hackneyed phrases because they are no longer interesting to hiring managers. The chances are that your resume would get lost in the pile of files cluttered in their inbox. Therefore, you should improve your image by striking out some of the unwanted words from your resume. The English language is rich of words, and you shouldn’t have difficulty in choosing better alternatives for your resume.


For example, you can replace innovative and creative with inventive or inspired, dynamic or adaptable can be replaced with versatile, effective can be replaced with persuasive or potent, team player with cooperative or collaborative, motivated with compelled or propelled and so on. When writing your resume, it would be best to mention quantifiable achievements from your previous or current work. It is important that you make the hiring manager feel that you have widespread experience and a good track record. Avoid force-feeding the model to them. You should create a sensation where the hiring manager must come to a natural decision.


When you use an original or natural way to describe yourself, it would create a lasting impression on the reader. You can read some describes on  website like an example. Additionally, it would demonstrate an inventive and dedicated effect for generating a distinctive self-portrait while implying that you are a good communicator. You can take the help of a thesaurus and choose words that best describe your profile and personality, and the way you want yourself to be conveyed. At the same time, it is extremely necessary that you clearly understand the words used and work regularly for expanding your vocabulary.


Consider the words hardworking, good communication skills, exceptional, results-driven, highly motivated and outstanding. Make sure to replace these words with action-driven words and phrases. It is important to use words, which are ideal for describing yourself at the level you are. Overall, you should avoid the use of words, which are considered to be basic in the world of resume writing.

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